Special Programs

1) Here Comes the Sun: A Live-Music Tribute to George Harrison

This popular live event has been performed to sell-out crowds since 2006, including BB King Blues Club on Broadway, Santa Fe’s historic Lensic Auditorium, and on university campuses and in yoga studios nationwide. The performance stars the Alan Parsons band, video clips of the Beatles and George, and Joshua Greene’s memories of the late Beatle’s rise to fame and into yoga and meditation. www.herecomesthesuntribute.com.


2) The Mahabharata

This is a two-hour Power Point storytelling session that recounts one of history’s greatest epics. Staged in 1986 by Director Peter Brook at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the program includes video clips from that memorable 9-hour production. At the heart of the story is Krishna’s revelation to warrior Arjuna, now known as the Bhagavad Gita.



3) The Ramayana

Here is the original “Star Wars” epic, replete with kidnapped princess, a lord of the Dark Force, monkey armies, mystic weaponry, and the ultimate battle between good and evil. A crowd-pleasure for audiences of all ages.





By special arrangement, including bhajan band, meals, and special events