Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes The Sun by Joshua M. Greene“A fascinating read, especially for those who are less familiar with Harrison’s post-Beatles life…. Clearly, Harrison was a deeply religious man, and Here Comes the Sun does well to further develop that aspect of Harrison’s career, which often is kept in the dark.”
— Associated Press

“Out of the insanity, claustrophobia and estrangement that came with being a member of the Beatles, Harrison emerged an affected man, in search of God and peace… Greene presents a man deeply engaged in the world he longed to transcend.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Many well-known artists have touched people’s hearts with their music, but few have ever succeeded in touching people’s souls. That was George’s gift, and his story is described here with affection and taste. A wonderful book.”
— Mia Farrow

“I love this book for many reasons, most of all for its fair and sensitive portrayal of my brother’s open-minded approach to spirituality. He saw Spirit as belonging to everyone, and that wonderful quality in him comes through here with dignity and insight.”
— Louise Harrison (George’s sister)

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