A dear friend who designs websites said I should have one. She offered to help, so I couldn’t say no. Still, on their surface my two fields, Holocaust studies and yoga, don’t go together. How to organize such disparate material?

Both fields deal with issues of law (either of the courts or the cosmos). Both oblige us to consider parameters of being human. And both seek meaning in a world that appears meaningless. What gets me up in the morning is the prospect of finding a language that will reveal the tangencies in these two fields and make their relevance accessible to contemporary readers, especially those with little or no background in either subject.

It comes down to this: When we turn away from our humanness, we can fall to depths of unimaginable evil. When we turn toward our humanness, we can soar to heights of extraordinary beauty and grace. The articles, books and films described here are intended to shed a little light on these extremes of the journey to self-awareness. Your reactions are most welcome: